Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Keepin Up With... Dave the Chimp


I very happy to announce the release of my first graphic AND shape
combination for Mob Skateboards -
the "Mob-O-Tov Cocktail" Park Cruiser
This is a big, fat cruiser board for hitting up your local concrete
park with some high speed cruising action, with plenty of space for
your drunken feet if all you're doing is skating to the pub. Perfect!

Also on the deck front, my first graphic for Mischief Skateboards is
also out. You can find it in Search & Destroy Skate Shop in Kreuzberg,


Tomorrow I head off to the French part of Switzerland to set up my
first, and probably only, solo show of 2012 (the diary is already
booked up with group shows and a heck of a lot of graphic work for
skateboard companies!) "A Little Bit of What You Fancy Won't Do You No

Opening party is Saturday, so come and check out a big selection of
drawings, prints, collage works, skateboards, paintings and zines.

Oh, and I've made three new screen prints with the gallery, which will
be available on their website for all of you not in Switzerland.

More info here: http://lagrille.ch


I'll also have some Human Bein paintings as part of a group show with
Urban Flowers Gallery in Munich. These are some of the last HB
paintings available, I won't be painting them again other than in the

 click to big it

Check this attached flyer for all the details


That's it! You can go back to work now ;-)

Greetings from Berlin

Dave the Chimp

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