Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Keepin Up With... Dave The Chimp

New Board Graffix 


My "Mob-O-Tov" Park Cruiser for Mob Skateboards just arrived. I'm so
stoked! Here's some photos.

8.75 x 33" big boy, for those that like to cruise big concrete parks,
then cruise to the pub afterwards.

Graphic is my nod to the great Blockhead artwork of Ron Cameron, and
the upside down dude is a reference to an Andy Howell board for
Schmitt Stix - the upside down graphic meant that the board had to be
hung upside down in skate shops, a simple yet powerful idea, which no
doubt helped to introduce the idea of double-kicktail decks which are
now industry standard.

Available from: http://www.mob-skateboards.com/

Roll on summer!


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