Monday, 18 April 2011

Hang Outs...West Berlin



West Berlin Gallery is pleased to present Sailing the Great Seas of Cheese, the first gallery show of the collective, Hot Cheese Crew, in Berlin.

Hot Cheese Crew is a gang of four artists and designers with a background in graffiti and urban art, who also have a fashion label under their wing. Like a deep melting pot, in which all kinds of unique ingredients are combined together to make the most delicious of brews, the crew thrives on collective action via the individuality and different methods and interests of each member. Collaboration is the essential ingredient. Inspired by pop-art, club-culture, street art, music and fashion, their works consist of painted worlds of colour combined with graphic design, illustration, a love of life and a constant lust to create.

Sailing the Great Seas of Cheese was the name of their first exhibition as a collective in 2008 at the Carrera Bar in Berlin. When they were just starting out, unrestricted by the forces of the art market and the constant pressure to produce, it was all done for the fun and love of the game. Despite their professional success , the crew is determined to stick to their convention-bending ways, working freely and passionately. This show thus celebrates the strength of their creative energy three years on and is dedicated to the revival of the raw spirit and energy of their formative years.

West Berlin Gallery is taken by colourful storm as the space is filled up big and bold. As is usual in deep sea waters, be prepared to encounter creatures great and small. The show, consisting of over 40 pieces, features works of many different sizes and shapes on various kinds media. As well as huge group works including installations, the array will include solo works in the form of paintings on canvas and wood, as well as screenprints and digital illustrations. The crew’s preferred working method is via mix media combining acrylics, oils, spraypaints, inks, stencils, markers, skate boards and a contageous energy to create highly energetic works of art. Diversity is key.

Together they are more than strong -- in all their vibrancy of characters, graphic lines and vivid colours, they look like they are ready to explode, creating one hell of a creative collective whose intuitive working relationship and dynamism contribute to an organism of work which is infects instantly.

Apart from touring all over their homeland Germany and Europe, the boys have also already done their fair share of world-trotting. They were invited to Miami in 2008, where they showed at Primary Flight and Scope Art Fair as part of Art Basel Miami.

Vernissage: April 28th 19:00

Free Addmission

Music by Samanta Fox

Brunnenstr. 56, 13355 Berlin, Germany

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