Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Off The Wall

A Right Gnarly View with
Dave the Chimp

Pic courtesy of Cedar Lewisohn

Arrogant, outrageous, abusive, aggressive, imaginative, talented, inspirational and connoisseur of fine paints-just a few reasons why we like Dave The Chimp so much. We met up...

RD: Hey Dave hows it goin, it says on your website that you were born in an egg on the top of a mountain, is that really how it went down and where are you living now, on top of that same mountain?

Hey Wayne. It's not going well. I'm a new father and so have no sex life. My brain is turning to shit from having no adult stimulus. I only get three days a week to work and most of that time is wasted on bullshit like going to the post office, and now I have to answer a question about living on a mountain. Are you on drugs???

RD: What media have you tried and which do you prefer?

Pretty much all of them, except oil painting and etching. I prefer ones involving cardboard.

RD: Could you describe your style for us dude, and what inspires you when it comes to your work- does music help.

I can't describe my style for you, no. I like to mix it up. This last week I've been drawing nothing but skateboarders from the early 1990's with brush and ink, which is definately not my "usual" style.

Inspiration comes from pretty much everywhere - except interview questions, feel like I've answered this question many times before!

Music helps me stay alive. Song lyrics often end up in paintings. Some lyrics paint their own pictures, and I live my life by some lyrics.

RD: We know you have painted all over the world, is there a particular place that stands out in you mind and could you tell us the story behind the memory?

I've exhibited all over the world, but I've only painted in a handful of countries in Europe. I have a terrible memory, so even if I could remember a particular place I probably couldn't remember what happened. It always seems to be my friends that remember what I did better than I remember it myself. You should interview them. Then I could be in bed already. I only remember the bad things, like getting chased by a gang of crack heads in Barcelona, or a prostitute sucking off a cab driver yards from where I was painting in London. There's no glamour in being a graffiti artist. Don't do it kids!

RD: One illustration stands out in our minds it is "If you smoke I smoke" a girl with a Gap t shirt and cigarette hangin out of her mouth and navel. The visual impact of that illustration really made an impression on us , what sort of reactions and feed back did you get from that image, and do you have any more images like that in the pipeline?

That was a government poster that was supposed to show parents that if they smoke their kids effectively smoke too, but since the kids handwriting on the poster was probably no worse than the average under-educated 16 year old mother in East London I felt like it needed a little more to drive the point home. Since I don't stand around in the street carrying out surveys to see what people think of my work I have no idea what people thought of it. I don't much care what people think of my work, as I don't need the approval or permission of other people to live my life how I see fit to live it. Life's tough enough without worrying about what other people think of me/my work!

I have no more of this kind of image in the pipeline. People don't like it when you shout at them in the street so I've given up making political work.

RD: We know you probably get asked this all the time, but why Dave the Chimp?

I do. And my answer is "it's my name" or "why not" or "ooo-ooo-ahh-ahhh-EEEEEE" depending on what mood I'm in.

RD: Your skateboarding portfolio is quite extensive, could you give us a run down on when you started and what you've been doing on the skate scene please?

No. I'm tired. Go look at my website. I want to re-shape some boards tomorrow, and I want to go for a skate in the afternoon. I can't sit up all night writing about things that are on my website. Life's too short.

RD: Are you more of a ramp or street skater and if you could do a trick all day, what would it be?

Neither - concrete skateparks. I don't understand the second part of the question. I can't do tricks, and the idea of doing the same trick all day sounds like a reason to quit skateboarding.

RD: Marmite or Vegemite?


RD: Could you give us a run down on where you have exhibited in the past and what exciting stuff you have coming up for the future?

Dude, please, can we just put the link to my website here instead of this interview? I'm tired, and I want to skate tomorrow! All the questions you're asking me are answered there!

RD: Would you like to big up anyone Dave?

Kabe243, for building my website

Thanks man, did you notice we didn't use the word awesome...oh crap... later dude.

Look at his weby... DtC

His Skate stuff right here... 243support

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