Saturday, 9 April 2011

Off The Shelf

Abstract GRaFfiTi

This book sure as hell opened our eyes!

It catches up on the things we sometimes miss out on like Street Training and Knit Bombin, but also focuses on new artists and those that have been around for awhile.

Cedar Lewisohn introduces us to different concepts, the things he calls the "outer limits" of street art. It's refreshing in its unrestricted angle/slant on the street art scene at the mo.

With chapter titles like:

Supermatists- looking at the architectural straight line aspects of graffiti.

Sci-fi Expressivism- mixing freestyle drawings which appear retro or futuristic.

Recyclomaniacs- organic eco imagery, using anything from wool to piles of wood.

Sprayology- from the can to fire extinguishers, anything that will propel the liquid colours.

Folk Surrealism- "raw art", dream like or tribal images from the imagination.

Which covers just a few.

160 photos to lay your wide optics upon and some ace black lettering to fill your grey matter with knowledge, this ones got a difference that makes it worth a look-see.

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