Monday, 4 April 2011

Off The Shelf

Street Fonts
By Claudia Walde

With a very distinctive cover, this book keeps up the vibrancy of colour and visual impact throughout. Not big on text but big on illustrations it truly kept us wanting to discover what is on the next page.

The theme: Claudia had an idea, what if she could get some graffiti artists to design their own specific work based on the 26 letter alphabet-in the end she managed to attract 154 artists to throw down their interpretations.

These fonts come in all shapes, colours, styles and sizes. Most of them you can tell what the letters are, only a few will need an honours degree in cave wall painting to decipher. It's not just fonts though, it also looks into the individual graffs that the artists are known for.

All in all a great book, illustrated to the max...oh yeh, it smells good too.

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✰Nokia N8 test phone used to take these images.

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