Friday, 18 February 2011

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Alice Pasquini - A Graphic Novel

Anna is beautiful and wise, a cascade of blond curly hair and big eyes sympathetic. Her friends love her, the guys too, but Anna just wants to be alone. She lives with her mother soured by age and abandoned by her husband.

Claire is her cousin, she lives in Paris and is real bad ass: impetuous,uninhibited, irrepressible. Claire plays bass, is covered by piercings and she has a secret.

When the two girls find themselves, after years of separation, something uncontrollable fires them together: love, passion, the discovery of tenderness and sex. But the signs of the needles in the arms of Claire are something impossible to ignore for Anna, and she will save her whatever the cost.

In his first graphic novel Melissa P. faces two taboo subjects: homosexuality and drug addiction. A book cruel and tender at the same time confirming the qualities of a writer outside the box and reveals those of an artist destined to be talked about.

The text is featured in Italian right now, but English should be up soon!

Autore Melissa P.; Alice Pasquini
Cover Price € 18.50
EditoreBUR Biblioteca Univ Rizzoli (series 24 / 7)

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