Friday, 4 February 2011

Off The Wall

Undercover Alias View

Bag on back, spray and stencils in hand, black and red finger nails concealed under a long sleeved hoodie, lookin highly suspicious(and that was just The Collective Team) we co-ordinated an after dark meet with the elusive Alias.

RD: Hey Alias, we know your from Berlin, did you go to art college there?

No I was never on a school art course, and I was never happy in school
and without high school it is very difficult to get into an art school.

RD: Your into stencil art, have you tried any other forms of expression?

I really like abstract images, structures and dripping paint.
It would be great, if I could connect it into my stencil work,
also I create colloge with old advertising posters.

RD: Is there a place in Berlin where the authorities are less likely to throw
you in a cell for putting up graffiti.

No, not for graffiti! Perhaps in the government district of Berlin.
But it won'l be free soon.

RD: What projects have you got coming up?

In 2 days(on now) we open a group exhibition in West Berlin Gallery with a colorful mixture of urban art...later some other group shows and a art fair in Munich -and I'm looking forward to an exhibition in Copenhagen in September! And an illegal exhibition in Berlin this summer...
but now I can´t say anything.

RD: If you could change something in your life what would it be?

I want stop smoking a lot of weed ...perhaps it could be good for my art ah, a bit more of art anyway -and a better English would be great!

RD: Yep, might help you focus more dude...ha ha.

RD: Have you got a specific spray paint that you like using the most?

Yes, Belton Molotow Premium...
Mainly black, white and grey with one signal colour.

RD: Do you skateboard?

Yes, started at 16 - but never very professional
but I am a big fan of the skateboard scene

RD: Xbox 360 or PS3

No. Photoshop! But ten years ago it was playstation & Tony Hawk.

Ha ha its been a hoot dude, great to meet you. Keep doin what your doin! Thanks from The Collective.

Danke für deine Zeit Kumpel, alles Gute aus dem Kollektiv.

For more... but not to much more on Alias

Look at:

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