Friday, 25 February 2011

Off The Wall

A Chat with George Rahme

George finds his work materials by an ancient process of hunter gathering, using stuff that other people would merely cast aside. An eco-artist, that's gotta be good in anyone's book.

RD: Hey George, your style is a sort of collage inspired work, could you tell us more about your art firstly please?

Yes. It's collage based. Everything now a days seams to be collaged together. I like to think of the work as a manual photoshop.

RD: How do you come up with the materials for your work?

Hunting and gathering process. Most times images are found locally, but I do also travel
across country. Resale shops, thrift (bric n brac), poster stores, yard/garage/estate
sales, sometimes material is donated.

RD: Where do you live and how has your back ground shaped the way you live today?

I live on the boarder of Hamtramck (neighborhood enclave of Detroit), Detroit, and
Highland Park (another enclave of Detroit), also live near a highway (suburban
trail), and a beautiful view of a lead contamination site in the mid-ground.
The horizon line is also a great picture of many respects. The dynamics of post
urban, urban, and suburban trail has given me a great insight as to how things
function. Not only as how America functions, but the inevitable consequence of
out sourcing, globalization, capitol. Before moving to the city I was raised in
a rural community outside Lansing Michigan.

The shift from country side to city has really impacted much of the conceptual focus. Experiencing physical/psychological space that is adaptable.This has evolved into a narrative: "Once a Barn, Now a Shed," a metaphor for the adaption of image identity. What replaces our present environments condition is the progress of human civilization and culture; visual statements that imply loss and gain.

RD: Has your art come from an educational back ground or are you self taught?

Both, a nice balance. I transferred from Lansing Community College to receive my
undergraduate degree at College for Creative Studies. At this school I was enrolled for four semesters, with only one painting class. A heavy emphasis on sculpture.

RD: Your a DJ and musician, fill us in on that?

I was part of a eminent underground techno movement here in Detroit as well as Chicago and other parts of Michigan, in the 90's and into the early '00's. Parties in abandon skyscrapers downtown, Packard Plant, slaughter house in Eastern Market, chop shop on the west side. Venues were usually run by a generator and the Mafia, until its collapse from greedy production companies and police raids.

RD: What exhibitions have you got coming up dude?

As of now secured in 2011; Oakland University Gallery, Rochester, MI; opening March 5,
Fred Torres Collaborations, and HALF GALLERY, both New York in fall.

RD: Cap'n Crunch or Porridge?


Ha ha, ok we'll let you have the grits George, its been a treat to meet... Thanks Man☋

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