Sunday, 18 July 2010

Tregoning Summer Show

Frairgate Gallery

Outside- there is work going on, re-routing the automotive chaos which is Derby's ring road. Tarmac being turned from a flat surface to chunks and dust. To enable a fresh redirected surface to appear and serve the vehicular masses.
From the clatter of hydraulic hammers to the deafening scrapes of digger buckets extracting solid matter from the earth's surface...

In the distance appears a retreat of blocks and glass, a sight for the sorest of eyes- We are attending the Frairgate Studios, Summer Art Show.

Inside- a stark contrast, a relax atmos, music soothing the sole of one's feet.
It is the first time we'd been to this place, a pleasant gallery with a contemporary collection.

Consisting of a ground floor exhibit, and then into a security elevator to the third floor which again was a gallery but with a difference.
We exited the elevator to an atrium type space with great views of the north of the city, so good it proved difficult to concentrate on the art.

Into the Lower Floor Gallery.

Great textures on this piece!

Jenny Reading's ceramic dogs £140

Scratch an go, another cool work.

Close up this looks like a bunch of blobs on a canvas.
It's once you step back the technique hits.
Acrylic on canvas £1450

Dude called Paul Cummings did these. A local graduate, he was also commissioned by Chatsworth House to do some stuff in the gardens.

Some classy bits in the pit.

Aahh... that's where the term "cock and bull" comes from!

We know its upside down, but it looks better that way... sorry kids.

Nice roof.

Lets Go Upstairs.

View from the top floor, with crow on the prowl.

Umm spark plugs and baby... what do you say about this one?
We were scared to look at the title.
How bout:
Bosch Baby
or Champion Crapper??
Another slant on "put a cork in it".

Another scratch.

Likin this, not sure how much it was?

Workers on the street... priceless!

Seriously though, if you want anymore info and prices go to Tregoning Gallery.

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