Monday, 26 July 2010

Off The Wall

Graffiti Kings, u heard of um?
Maybe not- well here's a run down.

These guys hire out graf artists- if you need an indoor/outdoor piece to enhance your property or shop.

Use free hand, digital or stencil art.

Community stuff- they can come to schools and teach the whole class how to bomb.

They organize events and much more...

We spoke to David the owner.
RD: Hey dude, nice to catch up.

RD:When did Graffiti Kings kick off Dave?

I'd been painting since 1983 worldwide for 20 years before bringing the Kings together. Over this time I painted with some of the very best, so I initially formed the team from the talent pool I already knew.
Soon after the word got out about what we were doing, artist started coming out of the wood work, contacting us to get involved. It's one of the things I love about my job- the constant exposure to new talent. Just when you think you've seen it all, someone comes around and blows you away.
Most of our guys are involved in other disciplines too, so we have fine artists, sculptors, tattooists, graphic designers as well as street artists in the team!

In the Hood!

This must be the ladies, far to nice for the Gents!
Got that sinkin feelin.

Nice hall mark.

RD: Do you have many well know artists on your books?

There are well know artists in our ranks, but we found that the Graffiti Kings brand has surpassed all our individual pseudonyms so we really focus on GK rather than any one individual. I guess it just comes down to us all putting our egos aside with the view to making something bigger.

Bedroom Bits

RD: You run community workshops, is there an age limit, do you work with schools mainly or can the older folk get involved?

We've worked with younglings all the way up to grannies.
But yeah, it's mostly schools that we deal with. Our workshops artists all have teaching experience in other fields and are really passionate about helping people learn how to graffiti.

Event hi-lites.

Well- fast food.

RD: Your defo doing some exciting stuff... thanks for enlightening us Mr.

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