Friday, 9 July 2010

Lost World

Imaging a ghost town, a place where once was the hustle and bustle of mega business. Multi- million dollar companies and on the back of those, smaller businesses serving the monied masses providing sales, dining, leisure and every day amenities, enjoying the fruits of a thriving populus.
And now, many years later a conurbation in massive decline- a giant vat of has been, gravity in control, prizing the paint from the walls- sucking the rust from the now empty and derelict community... This is the reality- this is Detroit, Michagan.

Built on the automotive industy with state of the art and revolutionary manufacturing and building techniques the place where the idea of production lines started in the 1920's.

I remember delivering new Ford cars and trucks out of the factory in Toronto to storage yards in Detroit and from recollection, the prolific, vibrant and thriving community which was 1970's Detroit, will always stay in my mind...

The abandoned railway station.

And cathedral like interior.

A chapel in the city.

Not so Grand Hotel.

The theatre.

Class with no kids.

Subsidence isn't the only problem.

A pump house on the outskirts.

Poverty trap.

A tragic reminder of how economies can crash as quickly as they rise!

Could Las Vegas be up next?

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