Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tatt Fest

The National Tattoo Fest pulled up again at the Assembly Rooms in Derby a few weeks back, and the ink was flyin.
Some well impressive imagery was being worked on with testosterone levels up and pain thresholds being pushed to the max, it turned out to be an exciting one for everybody.

Not just tatts though- bands played, burlesque girls flaunting their tushes, and video footage was being pushed out.
On the main stage was a live feed to the promotors"State of the Art" website of the days proceeding, with prizes on offer like best tatt on the day, tatt of the weekend etc.

A good and in some instances, pleasurably painful time had by all.

Closest to body art we got this weekend!

Face down and lovin every minute.

Thats what we like to hear.

Open wide... um no!

Shit I got an itch... second to last vertebrate on the left.

Chalkin up the stage miles... punters on show.

What an arty bunch... nice.

Just keep lookin straight ahead.

This baby had hair at the start of the day...?

Class act on this un!

This seemed to be a popular spot for some ink.

Twisted Smile hit the high notes... sweat, yes sweat.

Jimmy that's were that board went, it's holdin up the friggin xylophone.

Caught in the act.

Clean lines.

U auta try it sometime.

Big Thanks goes to Phil at State of the Art for his support... Cheers man.
And the site for sore eyes is... smile when it hurts.

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