Sunday, 4 July 2010

Gettin Around... The Roundhouse

Built in 1839 to repair locos for the North Mids R/Ways. This cool piece of architecture was built as a workshop and offices. It acts like a massive mixing deck with a circular turn table to spin the trains round -like throwin down some ace tunes to a victorian beat.

Now restored and resurrected as a place of further education, Derby College has done a great job of preserving this structure.

Take a cam when ya get the chance to visit this class engineering of yesteryear, there's plenty of angles to experiment with.

Roof light.


All trussed up!

Glassed covered "pit" for workin under the trains.

Large yellow ummm... thing?

The wooden section is the disc thats spins -with the rope as a buffer against the static floor.

Was the offices, now a sweet library.

A glance at the chameleon glass on the new build.

Click here to find out more... party on Garth!!

Thanks for the suggestion B. ☋

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  1. This is where our Wedding party is going to be, it's awesome