Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Street Scene... Coffee

RDC in Da Coffee House

If you have been looking in on the weby than you will know that we have numerous paintings for sale in coffee shops in Derby and Nottingham, UK. Now, there is a reason for that and that reason is the love of coffee. A lot of the staff here at RDC meet up to do interviews, reviews or just break out the sketch pad and come up with some new designs at our locals.

If you have satellite or cable television you may have heard of the series 'Dangerous Grounds', about an American named Todd Carmichael. He owns a coffee company called La Colombe and travels to isolated villages and mountain forests in search of a flavourful and rare coffee beans. An exciting and interesting watch, with the next series coming out soon!

Over the next few week we will be looking at coffee and how it's produced, check out some Coffee Houses and what they are serving, also tell you what we are savouring and throwing down our throats at the moment... Keep Um Peeled☋

Below, footage from 'Dangerous Grounds'.

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