Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Off The Shelf

InSideOut - Street Art in Ireland
Authors: Rua Meegan and Lauren Teeling
Publisher: Visual feast Productions

It was great to get our hands on this publication as we have never explored the Irish Graffiti Scene... so here goes!

A publication full of cool pics and interesting information, this book that exposes the Irish Scene of which we know little about. A vibrant selection of 21 artists between the covers - some we recognise and some we don't but all have styles which are worth checking out, with:
Conor Harrington
D Face
Katie Holten
Little Man
to name a featured handful.

Description from the book:
InSideOut represents a snapshot of street art in Ireland over a two year period. It show cases images that dot both the urban and rural landscape in spray paint, stencils, paste-ups, tiling and murals by both Irish and International street artists. These street art pieces represent a redefinition of what art can be and the spaces within which they exist.
The Irish street art scene has evolved greatly over the past few years with the emergence of new home grown talent and an influx of International artist who utilise the Irish landscape as a frame for their work. It is the most honest of art forms, accessible to all, offering immediate impact and without the admission fee.

So you see, there is loads of positives about this book and now the opportunity to look inside...

Get the book and more... HERE

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