Friday, 12 July 2013

Site Visit...

Field Fresh 

After all this good weather we've been having we thought it was about time to leave the studio and hit a spot.  We are Lucky because Regular readers get in touch and give us tantalising leads on various places to paint and/or urbex. We decides on a bit of both and turned up at a spot which had large grounds and numerous buildings to explore.

We knew vaguely were the site was and managed to track it down in no time this was due to the shear size of the place. Gaining access was easily done by ducking behind a cedar tree and slipping between some railings.

It seems every time we go out we always forget one thing and the same scenario always comes up...

"Paint;  yes.
Caps; yes.
Masks; yes.
Flashlight; oh shit have we forgotten that again!"

As we got to the middle of the site we realised it was probably built about 1920's but with great neo-Georgian architectural influence (oh shit now we are gettin to high brow... enough of that!)
What stood out above other buildings in quality was the arched theatre, an ace building and one of the most damage by fire - what bloody shame! He left our mark there and wondered further but allas, due to the lack of the flashlight (here we go again) we couldn't get deeper into some of the other of the buildings but we will be up for hittin it again in the near future... keep um peeled!

 Doorway to ummm...

  Gorgeous neo-Georgian arched theatre.

  RDC's contribution to the urban degradation and chaos...

 Parquet floor walking out the door of it's own accord.

 No divin today, for sure!

It's always too early to quit.
Norman Vincent Peale

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