Monday, 15 July 2013

New Painting For Sale at RDC Studio...


New painting  for sale at the RDC Studio.

Some of our best interview's happen over a shared jug of fresh brewed coffee and some of our best inspiration comes whilst peering into the dark deeps of our favourite brew!
Fortunately for us, we also have some of our work in some specialist coffee shops in the City of Derby, UK. Cafe Equator and Baby Blue Coffee Shop to name a couple. So we naturally honoured our beloved beverage with a painting. 

Called 'Baristas' this work depicts the idolised coffee bean and the workers in the field (charters from left to right) Gather, Wash, Roast and Ready too Drink.

Check it on our site... HERE
Or Visit Cafe Equator to see the Painting Live. More... HERE

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