Monday, 4 February 2013

Street Shots... Leicester, UK

Mural Alley

If you don't know an area that well, it's always good to have some local guides to take you to the best spots. 

A few days back we went for a wander with the with our friends from HQ Gallery. Our first hit was an ace length of retaining wall following a water course. We were over whelmed by the shear number of paints at this spot.
As soon as we saw it the 'Great wall of China' came to mind. The walls must be at least 3 metres height in most places and the length must be a mile or more.  If we could have walked on water we would but unfortunately the winter weather had filled up the water course to at least a few feet deep and we had to hug the banks to get these shots. It is reputed to be dry in the summer and that's when the locals go loco and spray mural after mural... what a wicked space!

We'll get more pics for you when things dry out, mean time... Enjoy

See our second hit at Leicester Factory Fresh shots... HERE

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