Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Off The Shelf

Documenting Street Art and Graffiti 
Issue 21

Life as we know it is full of hustle and bustle, it's always nice to be able to turn off all the equipment like pod and pad. Once that's done and with your full attention it is time to relax and break out Issue 21 of VNA.

We always get anxious when time comes around for the tri-monthly magazine to come out. Questions fly around the office like, 'You haven't seen VNA yet have yeh'? or 'You didn't throw VNA in the bin with all that advertising garbage by mistake, have I hope'? We are never really convinced that someone hasn't taken it home until it finally hits the door mat at the office and we can tuck into it's extensive interior.

This month's delightful cover is decorated by Miss Van, this French artist has persisted with the drawing of female forms for 30 years and saying she has it down to a 'fine art' maybe understating her talents a bit but 'by god she is good'! She says "I never thought I could draw girls for 20 years but I keep going and experimenting and having new ideas all the time".

Along with Miss Van this Issue features:
Amanda Marie
Joe Fenton
Dal and Faith47
Jonathan Bergeron
Alex Fakso

and hit places in:
London, Detroit and Tokyo

Let us tease you with a few inside images...

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