Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Off The Shelf

Art + Culture Magazine
March 2013

More than a beautifully packed magazine this month - Juxtapoz ticks all the boxes
It's that time of month and thanks to Juxtapoz, life is looking good. As you have come to expect, full glossy art at every turn of a page and once you have bought it there is no need to charge it's batteries, all you have to do is let your thumb do the work.

Who the hell is the guy on the cover we hear you ask, that is Dr Flotsam, a 50 x 75 inch wall mural by Mike Shine and the Students at Independence High School in San Francisco(footage at bottom of post). As for the artist Mike Shine, his work started out being influence by a weird Russian clown at a carnival... to find out more you will have to check out the mag.

Ok, so who features on the pages then?
Mary Iverson
Mike Shine (of course)
Hamburger Eyes
Victor Castillo
Michael Sieben
Pat Perry
Curtis Kulig
Jean-Pierre roy
Peter Sutherland
Caitlin Hackett
Daehyun Kim
... and for your information, Hamburger Eyes is a magazine.

To get the magazine, go on the Logo

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