Monday, 18 February 2013

Factory Fresh

On Site for Interview and Shoot

On a snowy and frosty day last week we hooked up with CoLor to do an interview and shoot (the interview and more in future post). 

We hit one of his favourite haunts, a disused and crumbling factory which had seen fire, flood and major abuse in it's resent past. With temperatures below freezing and wind chill factors pushing the temp down even further, we naturally thought that our friend CoLor would have to opt out and leave the painting to another day but true to his word, he turned up. With no more than a thin golf glove to spray in he proceeded to knock us out a mural for some stills and the time laps cam... Iron man or what!

With one of the crew on the shoot with CoLor, it left some of us free to explore the old place. The building wasn't that big but it had loads of heart with murals from artists including - Septik and a guy called the Mouarf. The stencils are by a guy called Jay Sharples. Also work in there by booms, Mila K, Espre, Xcead, Skint and Clem Alice... Check um



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