Monday, 7 January 2013

Street Shots

With Fiona Milne

So, just starting to get mobile after breaking my leg, someone says 'Amsterdam?'. Well it would be rude not to wouldn't it?!

I guess not too many people would be impressed on arriving at their destination to find that their hotel had moved (literally, it was a boat!) and was now moored at the side of an abandoned submarine in a fairly run down part of the city with derelict buildings covered in graffiti all around. Luckily we're not everybody.

The amount of graffiti in Amsterdam is staggering, the docks, NDSM, area was an unexpected treat, just as well really because Amsterdam graffiti Icon Flevopark has been undergoing some sort of restoration and was for the most part as buff as a baby's bum!

Spuistraat has a graffiti area, where Bustart seems to have a resident spot there is also an awesome Fake stencil there too. There was lots of other work there, it's clearly a busy spot, particularly as it's so central.

The best and worst thing about Amsterdam is the sheer volume of graff that there is, it's so hard to take it all in and on checking other peoples photos since our return at least half of what we saw has been gone over.There's only one thing to do, got to get out there more often!

Submarine Graffiti - real underground stuff!

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