Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Street Shots... Sheffield, UK

Pic from the Pavement
With Fiona Milne

Boms is starting 2013 as he finished 2012, in your face! Welcome to Sheffield!

Some people might be put off by the awful weather we've been having but not in Sheffield, our writers and artists are made of stronger stuff.

A certain part of the city definitely seems to be getting very popular with photographers, everytime I have visited recently there are always other people there taking shots, it's definitely becoming quite a visitor attraction. Sheffield City Council please take note!


Kid Acne has been out and about with a new batch of Stabby Women.

Phlegm did a new character before popping off to London.

The Meth piece featuring AP Tips is a personal favourite, loving his work at the moment.

There are couple of new writers/artist about, at least new to me Chek and Xhastexo, looking forward to seeing more of their work.

Mila K, Narke and CoLor Art continue to be unstoppable brightening the streets one wall at a time.

Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time. 
Thomas Merton 

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