Saturday, 26 January 2013

Off The Shelf

Art + Culture Magazine
February 2013

This month's issue has a brand new face lift , inside is a crisper, cleaner more upmarket look that makes the words pop off the pages, with a mainly black on white/black and beige text format. Also that superb image photography that we have come to expect from this quality magazine.

On the cover of Juxtapoz February 2013 Issue is James Jean's TXT, acrylic on synthetic textile and on the flip side of the cover David D'Andrea does a Converse sneakers mural in Portland Oregon.

An article caught our eye on the first thumb through - 'Lance Mountain and Matthew Barney', this feature is a follow-up when Juxtapoz hooked up back in 2009 with Detroit's Power House Productions for a special exhibition and auction during the mags 15 birthday. They revisit the area and check out a 'Ride it Sculpture Skate Park' that was built on four vacant commercial lots along the East Davison Freeway.
Skateboard legend and artist Lance Mountain was invited to ride a Matthew Barney designed board with a special graphite nose (but was decided that it was easer to us it as the tail). This was in order to leave silver lines on the terracotta coloured concrete of the park by using kick turns, tail drags, frontside airs and various flips to create a piece of art. It went down well, see evidence in vid at bottom of post...

Time to check out the contents page:
Jasper Wong
Aaron Huey
Jason Jagel
James Jean
Ashley snow
Richard Jackson
Luca Barcellona
Alexandros Vasmoulakis

Of course, we can only touched on a small part of Juxtapoz Magazines personality - best to grab one for yourself, find out where below...

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