Tuesday, 22 January 2013

New Graffiti Shop

UK's Leicester HQ - Gallery/Graffiti Supplies/Music Studio

The Ground Floor
Relax and picture this: Stepping out of the sunshine we walked down a narrow corridor, either side on the walls was graffiti images. Quality stuff with all the colours of the rainbow(and then some) being represented on vibrant illustrations of spitfires, pink monsters, delightful green frogs and blue block heads. Then imagine walking out of the corridor into a gallery with a three walls of Rubes work on display and the fourth wall full of spray tins, paint pens inks and books to be purchased at reasonable prices.

Have we got ya hooked yet - no need to imagine anymore cause it's all true... and this is only the ground floor!

The HQ Gallery and Shop has only been open for 9 months, we knew nothing about it until Rubes our artist friend from Nottingham mentioned that he had a show in the HQ and asked if we could get to the launch night but unfortunately we couldn't. Next best thing would be to travel over when we had time and chat with someone. 

Upon arrival we meet up Izzy the manager, a bubbly personality with a contagious enthusiasm for everything graffiti and an artist in her own right. She courteously showed us around this fine establishment and we started on the ground floor...

Don't forget to check post below for Upper Floor Feature

Artists work in the Corridor:


The HQ Gallery

Graphic Nature - A selection of works on canvas by Alex Rubes

Rubes Art... HERE

Main Website... HERE
Leicester HQ Gallery and Graffiti Supplies Shop... HERE

See Post below for Upper Floor or go ... HERE

38 Charles Street,
Leicester, UK

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