Thursday, 29 December 2011

Off The Shelf

Bike Art
'Bicycles in Art Around the World'
Author: Kiriakos Losifidis
Publisher: Publikat

Firstly, we want to congratulate Publikat Publishing for getting such an agreeable book out on the shelves for us to enjoy!

So that sorta sets the scene for this interesting title.
You'll find tandems, unicycles, tricycles, hand bikes, folding, race, mountain, BMX, choppers, the list is endless. We particularly are smitten with the concept bikes where KTM do an ace downhill jobby! 

What's in the contents:
Urban Art
Concept Bikes

Some of the  Artists  on show include:
Linda Apple
... and many more who have contributed to an eclectic and culturally diverse collection of pedal powered wheelers. 

As you slip between the covers your eyes are hit by the intense variation of colour and form. They are also fortified by the way this title depicts sprockets, spokes, cassettes, down tubes, fixed wheels, shocks and steering tubes ... sorry we are going on again!

Have a look for yourself...

Big thanks to Samways, Derby, UK for use of their premises for this shoot.

Get more than your leg over on the logo

And the shop link here

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