Sunday, 20 March 2011

Off The Wall

Popcorn and Candy with Squink

With illustrations that have a dark yet naïve look about them and Kid Robot figures that can melt the hearts of the meanest Dragon Slayers, it was a pleasure to sit and have a coffee with Squink...

RD: Yo Squink great to meet, could you fill us in about yourself, where your from and we understand you were bought up on popcorn and candy-could you describe what you look like due to that...ha ha?

I would say I look like somewhere between a piece of burnt toast, with some kind of syrup based topping, and a warped potato. This can vary occasionally though, depending on how tired I am.

RD: What media are you using and what materials are you applying it to?

I mainly work in acrylics, applying it to whatever gets in my way, this usually tends to be vinyl toys, occasionally canvas, and perhaps in the near future some nice wood panels.

RD: Could you describe your art for us, have you got a box fetish?

It's hard to describe without making myself depressed. I can only describe it as an interpretation of various states of misery, my head is a place filled with various kinds of sorrow, even the happy kind. A box fetish? What have you heard??!

Rd: Where did your name come from?

I came up with the name Squink! while I was sat on my bed one night, I had been drawing a cute squid type character and it ended up just being a combination of squid, and ink..Put them together and what have you got?..Inkuid!

RD: There are a few well good graff artists from the Sheffield area like Kid Acne, Phlegm and Faunagraphic, do you know why-is it the water or summat?

I'm pretty sure the water is laced with something, Might be an idea to bottle it up and start selling it on the black market. Really though, I don't know, I'm not actually from Sheffield, just outside of there, so perhaps it's all just a massive coincidence?... I am really proud to be local to such huge talents though :)

RD: Who inspires you?

Absolutely everyone creating artwork for themselves.

RD: Where in Sheffield would you recommend, for a good mug of coffee?

I don't know many local independents as I don't head over that way very much for coffee, I'll always recommend Caffe Nero though, they do it lovely and strong.....And the staff in the Sheffield Peace gardens branch are really nice and friendly.

RD: What were your aspirations when you started your art and how have they changed over the years?

I never really had any aspirations when it came to my artwork other than to get better at it. I never set out to make a name for myself or anything like that, I just do what I love, and anything else is a huge bonus :)

RD: If you could rid the world of something, what would it be?

Disaster, and also wasps, why do wasps exist? They're just evil flying beacons of pain and woe.

RD: Do ya like Cats or Rats?

I don't mind cats, but i love rats, I had a couple a few years ago, and they were such loving creatures, I say THEY, one of them was a little shit that used to enjoy trying to take my fingers off (I don't think this is normal though) I've been tempted to get a couple more recently.. But in all honesty, I'd rather have a dog.

RD: Would you like to thank anyone?

Thank you guys for inviting me to do this interview, and huge thanks to everyone who buys and comments on my work for being so supportive I couldn't continue to do what I do without them :)
RD: It was great to meet you dude, thanks for a fun view.


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