Tuesday, 15 March 2011

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How to Disappear...by Moki


— this delightfully perplexing monograph is graced with the artist‘s iconic surrealistic imagery, an interesting synthesis of Photorealism and Comic Art, where a fabled northern landscape inhabited by strange and peculiar creatures is wrought — an invitation to disappear into one‘s imagination.

how to disappear – it’s a question the artist moki has approached in an endless variety of ways and now it has become the title of an extensive new monograph of her work. moki’s haunting landscapes combine the natural with the super- natural: eerie shadows at the edge of the forest, an unexplained rustling in the leaves, a metamorphosis. She mixes a painterly, pho- torealistic approach with the finest elements of the comic art genre. Bewitching characters inhabit her world, fusing the overall vision into a unified narrative plane. We see isolated forest vignettes, lush mossy meadows and untouched caves. Mountains are sculpted into anatomical shapes by unseen forces. Nebulous forms emerge and dissolve into their environments. Within the solitude of these landscapes, disappearing seems a natural act.

moki currently lives in Hamburg where she studied art at the Ham- burg Academy of Fine Arts. In addition to acrylics this energetic artist and master of synaesthesia also gives live performances and creates animations, installations and comics: short stories and one-pagers that have appeared in magazines such as Orang, Spring 4 and Le Monde diplomatique – around the world in 50 comics.

In 2006 she received the prize for Best Artwork for her comic book Borderland from ICOM/ Interessenverband Comic e.V. In the same year at the Frankfurt Book Fair she won the Sondermann ‘New- comer’ award for diverse publications.

moki is a member of the BeetoBee Collective and is running the independent Hamburg Art Space, Hinterconti.

A Class Hard Back...go look

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