Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Off The Wall

Aerosol Art Association
Los Angeles, CA

It's always wicked to catch up with an organisation that supports artists, the environment and leaves a spray legacy in its wake.

We talk to the person behind The Association, Caleb Aero.

RD: Hey nice to meet Dude, could you tell us about the Aerosol Art Association- where you’re based, your history, what you stand for?

The Aerosol Art Association is a universal network of aerosol representatives in almost every country from Germany, Asia, Russia and even Africa. It started as a grassroots concept with the goal of bridging artist together for one common cause ART. The AAA is about creating a global conscious awareness regarding our art form and enlightening society about the fundamentals of aerosol art.

RD: Could you name some of the up and coming artists that are associated with your organization?

The list of several artist include Miraw, Pyri, MegaHZ, N.Y.Nicz, Bulzi (bulls eye), Itag & oscil8. These are a group of young individuals I’ve been lucky to discover and instruct on the protocol of higher education pertaining to advancing in this future aerosol art medium.

RD: What projects are you working on aboard at the moment and are you doing anything in the UK in the future?

Will be sponsoring Meeting of Styles once again in London this will be our second annual cycle as the official paint sponsor and support for the future International festivals.

RD: Is it just spray artists you support?

Yes, I encourage and support professional and young aspiring aerosol artists.
I am an artist of my time and in this present day and age spray painting is still one of the most advance applications for achieving beneficial results amongst our communities, while on the other hand it is still considered a destructive medium in most media articles.
I see a constant war here that needs a peace treaty, fine artist are considered safe and have been sustained long ago under an educational and business protocol. Aerosol art is on the brink of being defined as the highest caliber of spray painted art ever created. New techniques are evolving and so is the paint it is only a matter of time before the corporate world recognizes the industry benefits and creates a controlled environment for this application to be sustained and profited from.
Mark my words.

RD: In your mission statement you say you’re up for protecting the environment, can you recommend any eco-friendly spray companies?

Blubber Colors® is America’s first and only eco friendly artist spray paint. Manufactured in the USA, It’s unlike other brands that are produced in foreign countries. People are learning and artist who are aware have chosen to support the Blubber Colors paint brand knowing it is created to protect artist from harmful chemicals and toxicants known to cause long term side effects to the nervous system. Lets not forget anything atomized is harmful to inhale so we firmly suggest always using a respirator when spray painting and to paint in a well ventilated area with a constant airflow.

RD: Who are some of your sponsors and how do they support you?

I haven’t acquired any sponsorship; there is no need for it I am a self-made artist.
The term self-sufficient is randomly used in the artistic circles mainly because artists rely on galleries and other outlets for income to survive. Unfortunately I have never let showrooms dictate my sales or content. I prefer to direct my own destiny, just ask yourself why go to Adidas for sponsorship when Adidas needs my intellectual property and designs to sustain their coolness. It should make you think who’s really in control here, the question should really be redirected to who do I sponsor and why. We all know there enough starving artists around the world for corporations to prey on and manipulate for their industrial foothold. I find it motivational preying on corporations who are starving for art or artists because only then you will gain sincere appreciation for mastering your trade skill.

RD: Do you design your graff’s in a sketchbook or computer graphics?

The utilization of paper for design was one of my favorite past times as a kid, I can remember when paper was at the zenith for storing and distributing information. Lately I have reframe from using paper as an artistic surface. Sometime after 1996 once new programs and tablets were released for artistic application. The need for rendering in a digital platform was primarily due to the multi media transformation that can be accomplished with programmed digital imagery.

RD: Would you like to thank anyone?

I would like to thank Mr. Herbert and Jonathan Gleicke, Rammellzee and my mom their role has been rather divine I thank god for the appointments. Lastly an overwhelming amount of gratitude towards the countless amazing artists who have been devoted to spreading the Blubber Colors Magic and stuck behind the dream to make it the reality that it is today.

Aero Out.

RD: Thank you for your time man, we hope everything goes smoothly for 2011.

Venues With the Aerosol Association

Here’s a list of events we have for 2011
Int. Meeting Of Styles 2011

09 – 10 April 11 - Cape Town (South Africa)

03 - 05 June 11 - Zurich (Switzerland) confirmed

17 - 19 June 11 - Wiesbaden (Germany) confirmed

24 – 26 June 11 Perpignan (France) confirmed

01 - 03 July 11 - Brussels (Belgium)

08 - 10 July 11 - Budapest (Hungary) confirmed
05 - 07 August 11 - Belfast (Ireland),

13 - 14 August 11 - London (England) confirmed

19 - 21 August 11 - Poland

26 - 28 August 11 - Belgrade (Serbia)

02 - 04 September 11 - Venice (Italy)

09 - 11 September 11 – New Jersey (USA) confirmed

16 - 18 September 11- Chicago (USA) confirmed

23 - 25 September 11 – Las Vegas (USA) confirmed

01 - 03 October 11 - Mexico DF (Mexico)

07 - 10 October 11 - Caracas (Venezuela) confirmed

14 - 16 October 11 - Lima (Peru)

21 - 23 October 11 - Brazil

29 - 30 October 11 - Buenos Aires (Argentina) confirmed

03 - 06 November 11 - Beijing (China)

11 - 13 November 11 - Singapore (Singapore)

18 -20 November 11 - Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia).

More from The Association... Here.
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