Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Off The Wall

Let's Get to Know Laura Mossop

Meeting Laura at the Creative Garden just recently, it was clear to see the sheer enthusiasm that she has about her work...and we can see why!

RD: Hey Laura could you give us a bit of back ground news on yourself please, where you live and are you a self-taught artist?

Hi, I live in the centre of Derby UK after moving from Carlisle to do a visual communications course in Derby. I've settled in quite nicely and have become a member of the Artblock group and will be launching a portrait business very soon!
I'm mainly self taught but with a lot of guidance from tutors but I wouldn't say I've have extensive training in drawing and painting. They kind of just left us to it and I've mainly learnt through experience.

RD: When we looked at the paintings on your weby, we noticed some of the women looked tormented, unhappy, even tearful with the weight of the world on their shoulders, can you explain that?

A lot of my work online was created for university projects and I'm afraid they did focus on the more emotional, tragic side of life. It wasn't a conscious decision, it was what I was drawn to at the time. Must be my stress from university finding freedom! My future work has a much brighter outlook though.

RD: Could you tell us what media you prefer and what media you would like to try?

I do a lot of watercolour work mixed with inks but I've recently taken to using emulsion paint tester pots as I love the colours and the effects I can get. I would love to try oils but I need to raise the funds to buy the equipment first!

RD: What projects have you got on right now and what have you got coming up?

Currently my main focus is my bespoke portrait business, that has taken traditional portraiture and given it a contemporary twist! I'm in love with the entire project and I can't keep myself from drawing people now! It's fascinating seeing how the pictures develop from peoples personalities.
Once I have a spare minute I will be creating prints and canvas's focused on pattern with a twist for home interiors to sell in a art shop in Manchester and online.

RD: You've been experimenting with photoshop, can you tell us how that's going? Also you are working on a vegan recipe book that sounds real cool, have you nearly finished it?

Photoshop has always found a way into my artwork but it's become a strong element for my portrait work as it gives me more control over the pieces. My vegan book project that I'm collaborating with my excellent friend Kat McIntyre, is developing nicely but there's little to show at the minute as it's all developing in Kats kitchen! I can vouch that the results are delicious though.

RD: Ice cream or popcorn with a tearjerker?

Ben and Jerry's Chocolate fudge brownie Ice-Cream.

Thank you Laura, it was really nice to catch up.

For more on Laura...Check it.

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