Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Zombie Revolution... Aftermath

 They Hit London, UK

RDC: On the Saturday 27th of October the walking dead took over the South Bank to wreak havoc on us warm bloods. Alice one of the organizers, got in touch to give us the bloody outcome... 


From 6.30pm hundreds of zombies began to congregate outside Tate Modern,  they were directed into the cafe to get a zombie inspired beverage and check their MP3 downloads worked in preparation for the revolution. An announcement was made at 7.30pm and the zombies all gathered outside Tate Modern. The zombies were asked to count down from 10 and then all press play on their MP3's. A narrative explained the reason for the revolution and the need for zombie rights! And that they marched onto Westminster to demand to see the Prime Minister and sink their teeth into him!

They lurched along the South Bank, stopping at various points to take part in synchronize actions (moaning, lurching and general drooling) leaving the public wondering what an earth was happening!

To finish they turned up the music... Bee Gees Staying Alive- celebrating that the Prime Minister has been bitten... Geeerrrrr!!

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