Thursday, 18 October 2012

Street Shots with Fiona Milne

Sharrow Festival 
Sheffield, UK 

The Sharrow Festival and 'True Colours' Graffiti Jam was originally scheduled for July but the Monsoon season came early this year and the festival had to be rescheduled for October. Unfortunately, due to the change some of the artists were not able to come, but there was still a good turnout and a great day was had by all.

Si2 made it over from Hull and as always was amazing to watch as he created his surreal characters. Old school stalwarts Kode, Lone, Chrome, Duse and Such (who organises the jam) were on it. And a real treat for me was to witness was local legend Ask painting for the first time in an age. Also representing were Canz, Dream2, Kilo FBA, Meth, Mila K, Trik9, and a couple of others whose names I don't know (sorry guys!).

The only spoiler on the day was that the afternoon turned really cold, hopefully next year we'll have the weather and the jam back at a warmer time of year!


PS: Also check out a fresh face on the scene Dream2... (1st pic below)

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