Friday, 19 October 2012

Hang Outs... London, UK


Calling all Zombies: Rise up and claim your rightful place in London! Join The Revolution.

Zombies! Tired of being ignored? Tired of people laughing at you? Sick of tourists taking your photograph? It’s time to bite back. Join The Zombie Revolution. Demand your rights.
The Zombie Revolution begins at 7pm on 27 October. Over a thousand zombies will lurch down London’s South Bank. 
Zombies download an MP3 to a mobile device. At 7pm sharp, everyone hits ‘play’ and the revolution begins. The story unfolds as they carry out ridiculous, coordinated instructions delivered to their headphones via the narrator. Unsuspecting civilians will be left wondering what on earth is happening. 
Tickets are being sold on a pay what you can basis from £5 to £25 and include the instructional MP3 download, weekly email updates and top tips on life as a modern zombie.

For more blood-curdling details go... HERE

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