Friday, 26 November 2010

Off The Wall

A Look at Tracy Meek

RD: We met Tracey a number of years ago, only to say hello and exchange a smile, we finally caught up with her proper at the recent opening of Banks Mill in Derby... so here we go!

RD: Ace to get to know ya after all these years- Give us a bit of back ground info on you please Tracey- Where you from Derby?

Hey, Ive lived in Derby for about 12 years now.
I came to Derby from Middlesbrough to study fashion, which went horribly wrong for all the right reasons.. As in the course was as far removed from what i wanted to be doing as humanly possible and then I think my experience at uni just put me off art altogether. It wasn't until I had my little girl, Milly that I started to consider it again. I started painting and knew I had to do something about it. I went back to college and did a foundation course to refresh myself and I guess the rest is history. I mean, it is something that has always been a part of me. I can remember being asked from a really early age who taught me to draw and it was a question I found really awkward to answer because it was just something I knew how to do. it was just there.

RD: What sort of media do you work in?

Im actually quite lazy. Its usually a case of whats at hand. I do really like producing big canvases but I rarely do it because of the building of the frames and amount of work involved. Its lame really.
At the minute Im working with watercolour and ink quite a lot. And Ive discovered this really delicate way of drawing with wire.
Some of my work is quite textural. Like a kids book. Lots of little pop out bits and things that make you want to touch and feel.

RD: Describe your art as if no one could see it?

Child-like, delicate, often humorous with a bit of a dark twist.

RD: What sort of media would you like to try?

Id love to take my work outside. Do a bit of graffiti. Not the spray can variety.. More household paints etc. I keep seeing places that would be perfect but then I get the fear and bottle it... One day!! One day!!

RD: How has your life experiences so far, effected your work?

I had a bit of a disruptive childhood and I think that these experiences that have shaped me as a person have also attributed to the artist that I am today.

A lot of the work that comes out is a running commentary on whats going on in my life or what I see in people / happenings around me. I literally take things in like a sponge, not even realising it so much anymore and then I set about working. I never plan an illustration unless for a client. I start by making a mark or 'mistake' on the page and then slowly it becomes something with watercolour and ink and often its something thats been sucked right out of my psyche. Its good therapy!

Rd: What gives you inspiration for what you do?

People! I love watching people. We are such odd beings. There is so much humour in the weird things that people do! I saw this guy in Boots the other day and towards him strode this beautiful woman, all glamorous and powerful looking and it was like there was plenty of room for her to pass but in his utter panic he literally threw his back against the wall and side stepped past her like she had a bomb attached to her or something. It really made me chuckle. I have yet to draw this so keep a look out!

Rd: Do you have any other interests apart from doing your art?

I love music. I also put gigs on in Derby now and again under the name of Small Lies which is fun although we haven't got anything booked at the minute as its cold outside and the momentum has somewhat gone.
I love my bikes and when I haven't got a world of punctures I am riding them about the place. Im not keen on riding on the road too much so I get punctures from broken glass that is EVERYWHERE.
There is not much that beats riding a bike!!!

RD: Have you got any exhibitions in the near future?...dates?

Not at the minute. Im putting together a body of work to put to gallery's next year. Im also working in schools a bit which is really cool.

RD: What are your goals for the future?

I really want to get my work recognised on a more commercial level. So exhibitions nationwide, maybe a bit of licensing etc.

Rd: Chick peas or chips?

Depends on the chef!

Rd:Would you like to big anyone up?

Julie West, she's ace and she can dance as well.

Rd: Well it's been a real treat to catch up for real, thanks again Trace and all the best from the Collective!

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