Thursday, 4 November 2010

Off The Wall

Craww... now that what we're talkin bout!

Every now and then when we hit a gallery, you see a piece of work that we are drawn straight to.
This is what happened when we accompanied Fauna Graphic to a cozy little gallery in Sheffield called the Old Sweet Shop. We saw the prints and had to find out the name- an ace conceptual expression and something a little different, from an artist called Craww.

We had the privilege to meet up...

RD: Describe your style for us please dude.

Make it up as I go along, stream of consciousness doodling. With paint.

RD: Whats your media preferences?

It changes I used to do a lot of digital, using a tablet, but I've moved onto paint. Usually acrylics on paper but I've been messing around on wood panels recently. Im probably happiest with a big fat graphite stick in my paw.

RD: Do you paint on the streets?

Nope. Hoping to mess around on some wall in the near future, but thats not were I'm coming from, and I have no experience there.

RD: Could you tell us how you came up with your almost ghoulish style of painting, which seems very appropriate for the halloween season.

I wouldn't say it's dark or ghoulish. I think there's a lot of beauty there. It intrigues me, peoples different perceptions of beauty. As I paint them I get to know the characters as they come to life, I have a lot of empathy with them, then someone will walk in and say"thats fucked up..."

RD: We wouldn't support that criticism dude. Defo a class act from our point of view!!

RD:How does living in Sheffield inspire you?

I like Sheffield, I like the city and the Peaks that surround it, I wouldn't say it directly influences what I do beyond the fact that its a cool environment to be in.

RD:How do everyday things effect your work... for instance if you where having a bad day would your characters reflect that?

I guess so subconsciously. As well as expression, I think I tend to paint as a form as escapism. It's a great way to separate yourself from what's going on around you so yeah, a bad day is a great thing to escape from.

RD: Tell us about your Graphic Design Company?

The one I left in the summer?


Ha ha, no, I don't have a graphic design company. I worked in the industry for a loooong time and for the past few years was a partner in a advertising/design agency, but I left in July to pursue Art full time. Graphic Design (the industry) is to much about keeping clients happy, and very little to do with creativity.

RD: If you could only have one tattoo, what would it be?

A japanese sleeve. Like the one I've already got. But done by Shige at Yellow Blaze in Japan.

RD: Finally, English mustard or cherry cheese cake?

Dijon mustard on cheese cake.

RD:Uhhmm indulgent.. "ha ha thanks for that dude, all the best"!

For more info on Craww and his site look here.

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