Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Off The Wall

Lady Rinth... Lock and Load!

On the graff circuit right now there are numerous up and coming artists, Lady Rinth is one of them.

Heavy on the Hammersmith scene- her dreams consist of moustaches, flesh off the bone and much more...

RD:Were did you get that wicked name Lady Rinth from, and has it got a

Lady Rinth, comes from the word labyrinth. Labyrinths are often mistaken for a type of maze, however labyrinths don't have dead ends. I liken my style of thought process to the labyrinth, it may take a little time, I can go round in circles, but I get to a logical conclusion in the end hehe. Also 'labyrinth' is derived from the word 'labrys' which was a ancient Greek term for a double headed axe. The symbol of a double headed axe is used, amongst other things, in female power. Also 'Labrys' is a Lydian phrase, Lydian was spoken in Ancient Turkey, previously known as Lydia.

RD: How did you and graffiti meet?

I grew up in a rural area that didn't see much graffiti, the occasional tag in a bus stop was as spicy as it got. I started playing around with my name and styles of writing it in primary school, I'd doodle all over my books, desks, legs, walls at home. At senior school I found a couple of books on graffiti in the library and was instantly in love. A couple of mates and I used to take car spray paints from our Dad's garages and go and paint random characters in various places we were not meant to be. We got older, got better paint, got a bit better with how to use it, and found bigger walls. My job now is extremely responsible and requires a very clean record, so I of course never put a lick of paint on something I am not supposed to...... I mean what would be the fun in that?! :)

RD:What mediums do you prefer?

Totally depends on my mood, the subject matter, the effect I want to achieve. I am most comfortable using pens and acrylic, I am not very patient and love bright colours so these fast drying materials are perfect. But then I love simple pencil sketches and subtle watercolours and inks too. This summer one of my goals is to have a good stab at developing my can skills. I am in awe of anyone that can produce a clean piece with a spray can. I am not what you would call a natural with those babies!

RD:Last time we spoke you were living in Wakefield, you are know residing
in Hammersmith.
Do you feel there is more opportunity for a budding artist in the

He he well I think either you or I might have been a wee bit tipsy then as I have never lived in Wakefield. My last name is Wakefield however, it's probable that's where confusion has occurred. I was living in Manchester at the time, but painting in Derby. I am a bit of a wanderer, and have managed to live in 6 cities in England so far and 2 in France. As for whether there is more opportunity in London for an aspiring artist, well I would say Yes and No. There appears to be more opportunity to network and get your name out there through a variety of events and shows, but then there is also a lot of competition down here. I would say the internet has brought opportunity to your own room that negates the geographical competition for opportunity somewhat. I'd advocate any keen art type to get some photos of their works online, join art fan pages, chat to other artists, make a website (this I have yet to get anywhere near!)

RD: Shit- probably me that was pissed, Sorry.

RD:What music floats your boat?

Again depends on my mood: Dub/Dubstep/Reggae/Rock/Metal/Hardcore/Punk/Rockabilly/Psychobilly/DnB/Rap/Epic/Hip Hop/Death/Doom/Hair Metal/Breaks/Motown/Rhythm & Blues (not a fan of the generic RnB that bastardises this genre title these days!)/Ambient/meh lots!

RD: I can't help seeing various artists influences in your style- French
for instance with the skulls.
Do you find other artists stimulate your productivity?

Totally. I am far more productive when around other artists. I am extremely lucky to have quite a few brilliant friends, who are also brilliant artists.

RD: Can you describe the different character in your drawings, and what
would they be saying do you think?

They would probably all be telling me to stop drinking whilst I draw them as their bottom halves can end up 'intoxicated skewiff'. As for their characters, I suppose an underlying theme would be 'cheekiness' I'd hope they wouldn't take themselves seriously. I like mischief, nonsense and a bit of rude, I try to put these qualities in my works.

RD: Have you had any memorable negative criticism about your art?

I have been racking my brains on this one. To be honest I don't think anyone has ever said anything overly negative, to my face. A couple of people have said things along the line of "it's not really my thing", but you can't be, nor should you want to be 'everyone's thing'. I'd like to think I could one day invoke a passionate negative feedback. To be able to stir strong negativity in one person, there will always be there direct opposite who'd love it. Oh in writing that, I just recalled a bunch of female students who once told me "she was fit until you made her skin look like it is falling off, it's minging now", I was real happy with that one.

RD: And memories of positive feed back from your work?

The fact people have paid their own money for my pieces! Also for someone to see you drawing love then commission a piece off of that is always a huge compliment.

RD: If you could bomb anywhere you wanted were would it be?

The Playboy Mansion. I'd love to throw up a green zombie hottie in the grotto (sounds like a bad euphemism actually).

RD: Do you have any unusual habits(you can get personal if you want)?

I have a moustache obsession. I know tashs are quite 'in' these days, a bit kitsch and all. But I am talking life long passion for them. My first TV crush was Hercule Poirot. I still have lust for the character and have a tattoo of his art deco tash symbol scheduled. I have all the books ever written about him, the DVDs, merchandise, and even the comics. My room is full of moustaches I have made, had made for me, bought for me, , photos of ones I have drawn on people. Friends have commented I have some sort of moustache tourettes. At Download the other weekend I managed to draw 32 tashs on strangers. I am double jointed and have a bad habit of running at people with my feet turned completely backwards, or various bendy unattractive poses. Oh and I have vinegar on almost everything including pancakes and drinking shots. Cheap kicks!

RD: English mustard or Hellmann's mayo?

Mayo for sure.......with vinegar

RD: Time to say thanks to anyone you want out there!

Thanks must go to the fantastic artists I have had the privilage of painting with including Clumsy, Colby, Elfin, Philth, Linz, N4T4, Roots, Fon, Miss Led, Jenism, Zip, Stu, 8bit, Fauna, Starvin artist, Durta Thurta, Lucy, Newso, Adam Gray, Goon, James Yeah, Tiny, Ben, Luce, Lenzie, Candie, Sri, Brodie, Neil 158, arghhhh so many, many more I hope to doodle with too.

Thanks Mister Wayne :)

Its been an absolute treat Lady, we'll go for Fish and Chips(+vinegar) the next time we meet up... Cheers

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