Monday, 21 June 2010

Off The Wall

Meet Marcus Lee- recent graduate from an arts degree, majoring in textiles, but designing skateboards-wwhat... be a fly on the wall and find out more↷

Cafeteria stylie.

New napkins just in... nah.

R D: Hey Marc you been workin on some hot stuff just recently, what made you decide on an art degree

I have always loved designing and drawing, and grew up with two older brothers that spent most there time also doodling, plus drawing is only thing i'm fairly good at.

R D:You did skateboard design for your final degress show were did you get the idea?

I have always liked the whole skateboard culture and specially the clothing part of it. I love clothes and always in skating shops like Rollersnakes. Seeing the skateboard decks hanging on the wall gave me the idea to do skateboards, plus I thought it would be something new and exciting.


Class act!

Finger boards, all so cleva.

R D:Do you skate?

The closest I got to skateboarding is playing Tony Hawk on Playstation. I don’t skate but I have always been fascinated by skateboarding. Since doing this project people assume I skateboard and when I reply that I don’t I always seem to get smirked at but you don’t have to be a black belt to like Bruce Lee movies.

R D: To right dude... shit did I just smirk?

R D: What mediums do you prefer?

My preferred mediums would be a pencil, a few scraps of paper, a scanner and a Mac computer. I normally use a pencil to draw and design, then scan that design into the computer and use Adobe illustrator to make my image come to life.

Can I have these for the collection?... nice!

R D: Where does the inspiration for you designs comes from?

I am inspired by everything; I create my characters from looking at everyday objects, ether that’s a crack in the pavement or a shadow of a tree. An easy way to explain this method is that it’s the same principle as seeing images in clouds, which many people have done. I apply this process to everything.

Sketch book extracts.

R D: Was Derby you first choice and would you recommend the course to others?

Derby was my first choice and I would recommend the course to others if they were interested in textiles and working with different fabrics. If someone was into designing skateboards then I would not recommend this course. Even though I enjoyed the course, and was aloud to do skateboards. I think a graphic or illustration course would be best.

Idea in progress 1.



4?... well I tried.

R D: Chopped onions or diced carrots?

Depends how the onions are cooked but I am going to have to say diced carrots, help me see in the dark.

R D:Now you’ve done your degree what plans have you got for the future?

I would like to work for a major skateboard or clothing company. Then maybe one day make my own clothing label.

R D:Would you like to big up anyone.?

My family, friends Wongage, my girl friend, Manny Paqciouo for being a sick boxer and Jackie Chan, just for being Jackie Chan.

R D: Nice one Marc, thanks for your time, and keep us up to date on how things are goin.

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