Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Off The Shelf... 1000 Tattoos

1000 Tattoos
Published by: Taschen

Our first memory of a tattoo was an imaginative attempt by a girlfriend of a friend...
Mari was her name and she attempted to do a tatt with a safety pin and some pen ink - not the prettiest outcome as she would readily admit but she went onto doing proper tribal tattoos and was trained by a Japanese master.

Today Mari works more with a contemporary gun set-up but always likes to look back at classic oldies as much as possible, so I know one or two copies of this book will end up in her Tattoo Studio...

1000 Tattoos by Tacshen takes us through the history of this permanent art form, from Tribal Beginnings, full body Circus -Freak Show Attractions, Navy Anchor Classics, Biker Gangs, Wrestling Mega Stars and Up to date Ace Interpretations of Today. This Book is full of descriptions and vibrant photo’s, so is a must for anyone who into art and the staining of skin...

More about the book from Taschen’s website:

✺Art historian Burkhard Riemschneider runs an art gallery in Berlin and has published several monographs on contemporary artists.

✺For years, Henk Schiffmacher has been recognised as one of the stars of the tattoo scene. His Amsterdam studio attracts countless tattoo pilgrims, and he also runs the Amsterdam Tattoo Museum, which exhibits material from Schiffmacher’s own vast historical and contemporary collection.

“A fascinating and disconcerting book in which, on every page, the human body is displayed to fire the imagination of each of us …”
— Connexion, Monaco, Monaco

Check between the covers... (Link for more at bottom of post).

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