Monday, 17 March 2014

Off the Shelf...

Publisher: Gestalten

Ok, we hadn’t  managed to find any cool books to review just recently but finally we managed to track one down... and wow what a book!

The Brazilian Artist Stephan Doitschinoff has been featured in a hoards of galleries world wide, with his paintings, street art, public performances and installations on show. To describe his work would mean delving into numerous styles which include folk, iconic and religious themes.
The publication its self is full colour and intricate illustrations with hidden meanings and complex use of paint.

Taken from the Gestalten site:
"CRAS is a collection of recent work by Stephan Doitschinoff. The artist is widely considered to be one of the leading talents on the Brazilian art scene and his work is shown in museums and galleries worldwide. Doitschinoff’s art is based on a deeply symbolic code language and iconoclastic religious and folkloric elements. He offers acid critiques of our modern society that provide glimpses into another political and philosophical dimension. His paintings and other work go beyond superficial religious references to illustrate narratives of denunciation, renunciation, and affirmation."

As far as we are concerned this book would fit nicely on the coffee table, as a library collectable or comfortably in your hands... we just couldn’t put it down!

More on the preview show soon, in the mean time check in on some footage at bottom of post...

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