Friday, 13 April 2012

Support Needed


Can you help Skateistan win Please? 

 Merza teaches girls to skate at Yaaqobi High School in Kabul, Afghanistan, in April 2012.

Dear Collective Readers

We’re reaching out to you to share some exciting news and ask for your help.

We just turned in our application for the Beyond Sport Awards, which is a prominent, once-a-year awards summit recognizing sport-based nonprofits that create positive social change through sport. If we win, it will help legitimize skateboarding as a development tool and help us to expand our programs, for girls especially.

It’s important that Beyond Sport know there are people like you who support the Skateistan cause. Can you help us spread the word? We’re aiming for 100 comments on the Beyond Sport site. Just choose one of the three categories we've entered below, and say why you like us!

Sport for Conflict Resolution
Sport for Education
Sport for Social Inclusion

Your support means a lot and could even help us win! Please forward, tweet, or like this email and share with your friends, family and social networks.

With many thanks,

Oliver Percovich
Founder and Executive Director

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