Thursday, 22 September 2011

Off The Shelf

Urban Contemporary Art Magazine

Look out for this month's burley edition of GraffitiArt.
This magazine originated in France and so was written in French  but now we are lucky to have some English translation of the text - a bit like living in Canada, but in a mag... if yeh see what we mean?

A leading European production, chocca full of colour images, news, views, interviews, party people, shopping and out/indoor graffiti spots, this zine should tick all your 'must have' boxes and more...

Our bling copy has Os Gêmeos, as the main protagonists on the cover and they are interviewed along with:
Martin Anderson with Cosmetic Graffs
Mark Jenkins with The Hollow World
Invader with his mosaic spacers
Cope2 with finish playing
Michal Batory with factory image
Ox with a poster
Françoise Nielly with wave blades

Good quality paper, good quality reproduction, good quality topics, let's venture inside and see what your missing...

Un beau titre pour tous les artistes que vous graff.

Don't miss out anymore... mouse on the mark below

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