Friday, 30 September 2011

Hang Outs... New York


 Opening Reception: Thursday October 13th, 6pm - 9pm. Music, Drinks, and Awesome Art. Johannah O'Donnell will be present. Free Admission.   
Florida based artist Johannah O'Donnell creates vibrant collage-like paintings, inspired by equal parts pop culture, nature, mysticism, heavy metal, legends, and human behavior. 

"The goal of this new series is to illustrate our connection to, and fascination with the natural world. I've always enjoyed the worlds of fantasy art, fantasy film, and fantasy fiction, worlds that celebrate the mystical elements of nature. Therefore, I decided to incorporate fantasy elements into these pieces in order to more succinctly express that message of connectivity. The man/animal hybrids (based on Egyptian and Native American gods) create a link between the human characters and the landscapes behind them (these landscapes were inspired by both the Hudson River School and 18th century portraiture, in which subjects were often pictured in a natural setting). To these "traditional" portraits, I added graphic iconography that supports and/or contrasts the main elements of the pieces in an attempt to create a deeper, more complex message. Each piece was created with the last piece in mind, so that the entire show creates a sense of continuity, a flowing narrative, for the viewer."

Opening Reception: Thursday October 13th. 6pm - 9pm. Free admission. Open to the public.

BOLD HYPE GALLERY | 547 W. 27th St. 5th Floor  New York, NY 10001 | T. 212-868-2322

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