Friday, 24 September 2010

Westfield Sk8... "Are we there yet Dad"?

No sorry kids, and we ain't gettin there!

Westy in their wisdoms slapped a Floor Preservation order on the place and the Comps a No- More.

Nearly a year ago was the first ever Mall Game of Skate(as far as we know), and probably the last. But we still got the memories, relive and rejoice.

John Ford and Ryan Kearney admiring the architecture.

Claire from 2S on the left, keeping an eye on the proceedings.

Fraser's heel.

Bargins galore.

Late Sk8... gotta be good.

A warning from Mr Achilles.

The Price is right.

Smeders flips inside but outside M+S.

Jp the same.

Chris G, where are you now... lay off the balls and get back on the bearing- thats what we say!

Craig S... tragic irony, he thought he had it in the 2 Seasons bag.

Sharin the sweat... Jimmy B and Craig S- 1st and 2nd.

Alliance and Leics a that!

Big thanks to Claire and 2 Seasons for their support and sponsorship last year.
Crack open the beer kegs.

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