Monday, 27 September 2010

MX Experience...

♈And now for summit completely different♈
" Time to twist the knobs off your tires".

We hit the mud on the bikes this weekend (any excuse for some pic takin), to catch up with some of the homies on the hills.

Plenty of Blood, Sweat and Shit to be had...

Ok no bodies lookin, snort it now!

Shit get that nose down!

KTM, wavy disc and knobbly tires... uummm.

Church of England we thinks?

No mere mortals beyond this point... or else☹

Kawasaki's green machine blended in well.

John tweekin the bits.

... aways bitchin, Matt- law abiding.

... Stand back and watch um Go...


  1. Very nice Wayne, did you ride at all ? Looks like expert class...I always said..."its the most fun you can have with your clothes on" .)

  2. No I wasn't riding man. I noticed 2 strokes are starting to make a come back by the looks.

    Ha ha, can you imagin if you had your cloths off and rode... no we won't go there.