Thursday, 21 November 2013

Street Shots...

Good Mornin All

Another hit by some of the RDC Crew this morning.

RadDad with couple of 'love birds sitting on a fire fighter axe' from the iAm Series and Vez with a couple of writes... Nice!


  1. Whats the relevance of the birds on the upside down mushroom wayne

  2. Hey Finch, thanks for the interest.
    It's two 'love birds' sitting on a 'fireman's axe'.
    I thought it was sort of a juxta between nature and urban battle ground:) Wayne

  3. Oh right firefighters axe. And what's the story of the one eye series please? Is it like the all seeing eye of sauron

    1. Ha, I didn't think of The Lord of the Rings when I started the iAm one eye series. I just wanted to create an individual style and enjoy doing it, one eye I thought was abit different:)

    2. Yeah it is iconic - u should do a book with all your sprays and ideas. it would be good to meet you at the book signing