Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Hang Outs... London, UK

StolenSpace Gallery in Collaboration with Union Street Cafe

A group exhibition featuring CYRCLE., Cope2, David Bray, D*Face, Eine, Rone, & Word to Mother.
StolenSpace has exclusively curated an art exhibition at Gordon Ramsay Group's restaurant and bar, Union Street Cafe.  Specifically commissioned to celebrate the vibrant community.  In the heart of Southwark, Union Street Cafe is a stone's throw from Borough Market, an urban hub, buzzing with the raw energy of London living and bursting with flavors and spirit of local history and culture. Featuring artworks inspired by the area, each artist offers his unique interpretation of what it means to experience life in this extraordinary environment.   Whether the work provides a socio-political assessment of life in this capital city or simply celebrates the traditions, icons and motifs we relate to London, each artwork on display expresses a profound and unique tie to this fascinating place.
All paintings on display, as well as the decollage inspired menu designed by D*Face, have been created by established international urban artists, making Union Street Cafe a hotspot for cultural and culinary creativity.  All artworks on display are available for purchase.

17 Osborn Street
London E1 6TD
United Kingdom

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