Sunday, 18 November 2012

Street Shots... Sheffield, UK

Sidewalk Sessions with Fiona Milne

Just thought I'd do a quick update of what's going on in Sheffield.

Sheffield centre as any visitor or resident can tell you has been like a building site for some time, rubble and hoardings everywhere you go. It was quite a surprise when a sign appeared on one lot of hoardings asking for submissions from local graffiti artists to paint them.
Rob Stobo at Wates Construction was the guy behind it and after consultation with local artist Gzos/Kers, Rob settled on having various separate pieces rather than one large mural, which made it possible for artists to express there own styles and creativity.
First to paint was Gzos, then Boms, then Jaer. CoLor Art did a piece, so did Narke. Rocket01 and Fauna Graphic did a section each as well. Kisk and Trik 9 did 2 separate pieces on a corner of the site near a road junction. The hoardings were filling up nicely and it was really good to see so much talent on display, it looked amazing as well! The Trik9 piece was a brilliant cheeky piece of a female working for Wates 'sexy' construction. Sadly someone felt offended by this and it had to be painted over, but on the bright side, Trik 9 and CoLor Art did a collaboration piece based on the Spawn comic, which is equally awesome and has so far not upset anybody.
The Gzos and Jaer production 'War of the Words' is just around the corner from the Wates boards and is simply jaw dropping.

So get over to Sheffield and have a look!



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