Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Off The Wall

Meet Otto Schade and his Inspirational Works!

RD: Hey Otto nice to meet you- Could you tell us about your back ground, are you a Londoner originally, have you got an arts degree etc?

I am a chilean-german Architect, painter and Urban Sculptor living in London since 2006. I don't have any Art degree but I have been painting since 1995 and drawing since my childhood.

Rd: How does London influence your works?

In different aspects of this english culture my work has been influenced. On the way you get information from everwhere and you filter just what's interesting for you, but there are loads of things about Uk and Europe to be considered in Art work.

Rd: If you could be one artist for a day, who would it be?

About this question. I don't think it's worth being an artist for day. I preffer to be an artist for a week to absorb all his or her knowledge and better feel the way he or she thinks.Those artists could be Salvador Dali, Roberto Matta, Beksinski or Escher.

RD: Your technique is very unique, you tend to put a different slant on some great art works, like the Mona Lisa for instance. Tell us how you came up with the idea?

I started drawing unknown people but then I start doing known ones like Rocky, Che Guevara, Queen Elizabeth 2, Terminator, Lady Gaga just to experiment with the style and try to make it more understandable to the rest of the public.

RD: Is your art a full time job?

No is not my full time job. I am a Part Time Architect lecturer at South Bank University.

RD: Could you tell us what galleries your works have been in recently, and have you got any exhibitions coming up?

Bedford Gallery (Woburn, London), Sides Art & Frames gallery in Lytham (UK), Graffik London (Notting Hill, London), Art Rooms Gallery (Notting Hill, London), Crypt Gallery (London), and Topolski Century Gallery (coming the 18th Dec 2010, London).

RD: Mars Bar or Marrowfat Beans?

Mars Bar.

RD: Thanks Otto, great to meet you and keep up your ace art!

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