Monday, 16 August 2010

RD's Art


Story behind the Self-harm Series of Paintings

I started the self-harm series of paintings because it felt like it was a way of releasing pent up frustrations and anxieties, due to living in a very fast moving, self- destructive modern society.

As individuals we have very little control of how we are allowed to view the world, and are blinkered accordingly by the powers that be.

Through art, skateboarding etc- we are able to relieve some of that pent up negative energy and express ourselves freely, by brushing or spraying paint on a walls/canvas or landing a trick that's been alluding you for ages, even flicking the middle finger out at someone out of shear annoyance =this helps some of us survive for another day.

Having said that it looks like these paintings are taking on a life of their own, because on this occasion there is some other Clown throwin the knives??

From sketch book to canvas.

Acrylic and spray on canvas.
Clic pic to engross.

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